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pl/1 newsMarch 20th, 2004

The PL/1 for GCC version 0.0.4 release is based on the syntax from IBM OS PL/I Version 2.
PL/1 for GCC is released under the GNU Public License; version 2.

Only minor changes added to this release.

Changes in pl1gcc v0.0.4:

  • Recognition of matching scope boundaries.
  • Graphical representation of scope.

    The work has been done to fill up some commute time, but mainly out of fascination with the PL/I programming language.

    "Front-end" might currently be a bit of an overstatement, since no code generation is taking place.

    This version would not have been possible without the help of the valuable Treelang sample language.

    Thank you so much for visiting the pl1gcc homepages. If you do try to download and build the pl1 front end, please let us know how it goes, by dropping a line to us. Mail pl1gcc

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