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pl1gcc newsAugust 1st, 2004

PL/I for GCC is released under the GNU Public License; version 2.

The version 0.0.8 marks an important milestone for the PL/I front-end project, because the entire PL/I language can now be parsed using only flex and bison.

If you are testing the PL/I compiler, please inform us about any syntax errors that might occur. It suffers to send the offending line of code.

Changes in v0.0.8:

  • Implemented token based lookahead.
  • All PL/I Keywords can be used as identifiers.
  • Reduced number of conflicts in the grammar.
    Now down to just two shift/reduce conflicts.
  • Addapted installation instructions to use the gcc-core-3.5 snapshot
  • Numerous new testcases have been added.
  • Simplification of grammar for INITIAL attribute.

Fixed syntax in v0.0.8:

  • Added FETCH and RELEASE statements.
  • Floating point constants can start with just a '.'
  • Repetition factors in edit format lists.
  • Allow nested DO in PUT/GET datalists.
  • PUT/GET options.
  • Preconditions can now be placed where a label can be placed.
  • ENVIRONMENT options has been reviewed.
  • REWRITE statement was fixed up.
  • LOCATE statement was corrected.
  • Added REFER to the array dimension attribute.
  • Structure declaration in signature for entry parameters.
  • Cleaned up variable declarations.

For a complete changelog look in the README file.

What is pl1gcc ?

The pl1gcc project is an attempt to create a native PL/I compiler using the GNU Compiler Collection. The project is looking for more people to join the development and testing. If you want to see a free PL/I compiler please do contact us and join the fun.

Looking ahead.

The next release will focus on integration of Multics syntax and also VA PL/I.

Download via these links

  • GCC version 3.5 (11Mb)

  • PL/I front-end (125Kb)

  • Thank you so much for visiting the pl1gcc homepages. If you do try to download and build the PL/I front end, please let us know how it goes, by dropping us a line. Mail pl1gcc

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