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December 2003

Announcement: GCC front-end for the PL/1 programming language.

Dear PL/I fellows,

This is the second code drop of the GCC PL/1 compiler.

The GCC PL/1 0.0.2 release follows the syntax of IBM OS PL/I Version 2.

PL/1 for GCC is released under the terms of the GNU Public License; version 2.

The pl1gcc v0.0.2, contains integration into gcc build system, plus a scanner and parser.

The integration into the gcc build system, was non trivial, and it would have taken much much longer time, without the valuable treelang sample language.

As you can tell, there is still a long way to go before any code generation is done.

For more information, comments, feedback, download and some free laughs, please visit

Have fun

The GCC PL/1 Team.