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Announcement: PL1 V0.0.1 frontend for GCC.

Dear PL/I fellows,

Normally announcements are not made to the PL/I discussion list, but I felt this was an exception that have the interest of all PL/I pasionates.

The work has been done partly to fill up some commute time, but mainly out of fascination with the PL/I programming language, and also inspired by previous discussions on this list.

"Frontend" might be a bit of an overstatement, since currently there is no interaction with GCC, but on the other hand, the process has now been started.

The PL1 0.0.1 release is based on the IBM OS PL/I Version 2.2.3

This release is merely done, to spread the word and get some wider testing of the gramma that has been implemented so far. If you want to learn PL/I, you are probably better of waiting a few releases, until the various bugs has been eliminated and the code generation is implemented.

Currently some knowledge of how to use the commandline, and the basic tools for compiler construction, such as flex and bison is required.

Writing a new compiler is a tremendous task, but thanks to GCC, writing a frontend is somehow doable, but still a lot of work. I will continue to work on the compiler, but let me know if you want to join as developer or tester, or just want to be kept informed.

For more information, comments, feedback, download and some free laughs, please visit

PL1 for GCC is released under the GNU Public License.


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