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March 2004

Dear PL/1 followers,

This is the fifth code drop of the GCC front-end for the PL/1 programming language.

PL/1 for GCC is released under the terms of the GNU Public License; version 2.

Changed in pl1gcc v0.0.5: - Recognition of multiple scope closure with one END - Fix for nested expressions

Just to summarize. The pl1gcc project is an attempt to create a native PL/1 compiler using the GNU Compiler Collection. The project is looking for more people to join the development or testing. If you have any spare time, please do contact us.

The project started up with a simple standalone scanner and parser, that subsequently got integrated into the GCC build system by using the sample language Treelang as a starting point. Current development concentrates around the infrastructure necessary to recognize and support pl/1 and to prepare for the actual code generation. With version 0.0.5 one of the more exotic features of pl/1 has been implemented: The closure of multiple scopes with just one END.

For more information, comments, feedback and download, please visit

Have fun

The GCC PL/1 Team.

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