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pl1gcc news October 9th, 2006


This is the thirteenth code drop of the GCC front-end for the PL/I programming language.

PL/I for GCC is released under the terms of the GNU Public License; version 2.

Main new feature in pl1gcc-0.0.13 is the preprocessor %GOTO statement.

There is still no code generation taking place, so don't run out and uninstall your production PL/I compiler just yet :-)

Changes in v0.0.13:

  • Improve internal documentation of functions
  • Many improved diagnostic messages

Changed syntax in v0.0.13:

  • added %GOTO label
  • added %ACTIVATE variable
  • added %DEACTIVATE variable
  • added %NOTE ( level , message )

For a complete changelog look follow this link.

What is pl1gcc ?

The pl1gcc project is an attempt to create a native PL/I compiler using the GNU Compiler Collection.
The project is looking for more people to join the development and testing. If you want to help speed up the development of a free PL/I compiler please do contact us and join the fun.

And finally remember to have some fun


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Thank you so much for visiting the pl1gcc homepages. If you do try to download and build the PL/I front end, please let us know how it goes by dropping us a line. Mail pl1gcc

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